Cinderella Poster

Natalie Pielou (left) and Aquilina Mitchell as Cinderella and the Prince


Cinderella Poster

Guy Holmes (left) and John Nursall as Cheryl and Beryl, the evil stepsisters."

Three sell-out crowds eagerly accepted Fairy Godmother Lois Taylor's invitation to enjoy “a special pantomime . . . with words that rhyme” in November as “Cinderella” bedazzled Quadra at the Community Centre.

The audiences cheered the heroes, like Cinders and Prince Charming (top photo) and booed the villains, like Beryl and Cheryl (bottom). The evil step-sisters were a constant bother. When they weren't flirting with men of all types, they were failing to curb their not-at-all-housebroken puppies.

Chaos ensued, but justice and love prevailed. We will be posting some dandy photos of the action in our gallery soon. And on that positive note, Theatre Quadra ended its 2017 season.

Watch this space for news about our first venture in 2018, a January workshop about writing ten-minute plays. Space is limited, so please e-mail us at to claim a spot. The workshop is free to those with a TQ membership, which costs a paltry $10 a year.