Lip Sync 2022

The annual Theater Quadra lip sync once again offered audiences an energetic and uplifting assortment of performances. Lip Sync 2022 was the first time we had been back inside the Community Centre and on stage since November 2019 and we couldn’t help but think of a person who has been key to many of our performances over the past 10 years. That person is Quadra Islands’ one and only Candace Holmes; director, actor, set creative, and poster artist.

Candace was a dear friend to each and every one of us in the Theatre group. She was a presence of nurturing calm, coaching, guiding, and praising each of our efforts on stage and off. She was truly in her element bringing live theatre to the stage. Candace’s passing has left a hole in our hearts, she will be missed, but we will not forget her. We will always remember Candace as we step out on the stage and trod the boards to bring you laughter, tears and joyful entertainment.

Year: 2022