Steering Committee

Steering Committee Members:

Owen Williams

Linda Lolacher

Jenni Zoia

Donivee Laird
Member at Large

Sarah James
Communications Strategist

Vacant Roles:

  • Play Research & Season Planning Lead
  • Volunteer Development & Community Liaison Lead
  • Education & Development Lead

Become a Member of the Steering Committee

If you’re interested in becoming a member of the Theatre Quadra Steering Committee, please read through the job description and fill out the nomination form below.

Theatre Quadra is a Committee of Quadra Island Recreation Society that strives to provide:

  • Theatrical productions that entertain and enrich our community.
  • Creative outlets for youth and adults to develop and showcase their dramatic talents.
  • Learning experiences in all aspects of theatre production and management.

The purpose of the Theatre Quadra Steering Committee is to plan, coordinate and support theatrical productions, along with planning and carrying out other activities such as theatre training & development, volunteer development, fundraising, and liaison with other performing arts organizations.

Time Commitment

  1. Steering Committee meetings, preparation, and attendance – 2.5 hours/month
  2. Sub Committee meetings, preparation, and attendance – 1.5 hours/month
  3. Special requests, projects, fundraising, and other activities – 3 hours/month

The time commitment may vary throughout the year – some months more, some less. The Steering Committee does not usually meet during July, August, or December. Steering Committee activities are kept to a minimum during these months.

Job Activities

  1. Attend and participate in meetings and on Sub Committees as required.
  2. Actively help the Steering Committee to reach group decisions.
  3. Be an advocate of Theatre Quadra in the community.
  4. Listen to and constructively evaluate ideas and plans.
  5. Be aware of potential conflicts with other community events.
  6. Support and participate in the Committee’s activities.
  7. Perform the role effectively by regularly evaluating your contribution to the Committee.

Job Qualifications

  1. Have an interest in theatre.
  2. Employ tact, communication skills, and the ability to work well with others in a team environment.
  3. Devote time and have the willingness to serve and share skills (personal and educational).
  4. Participate in discussions and organizational tasks.
  5. Be flexible and prepared for change and development.
  6. 100% commitment to attend team meetings (minimum attendance of 60%).

Expression of Interest Form

Theatre Quadra Steering Committee