Jack and the Beanstalk Cast & Crew

Come play with us!

Whatever your background or experience level, there is an opportunity for you to contribute your skills and talents to theatre on Quadra!

We provide opportunities for people to learn about and build their skills in playwriting, acting, and stagecraft, and encourage our members to share their skills while learning new ones.

Not only do we need volunteers to help with the creation of spectacular theatre productions, but we also need volunteers for the organization and implementation of the ongoing operations of Theatre Quadra as members of our volunteer Steering Committee.

Volunteer positions:

Whether you have a little time to give, or a lot, if you’d like to get out, meet people and be part of our fun and social group, consider joining us in one or more of the following areas:

Steering Committee

Theatre Quadra is a Steering Committee of the Quadra Island Recreation Society.

Steering Committee members are responsible for planning, coordinating, and supporting theatrical productions, along with other activities such as theatre training & development, volunteer development, fundraising, and liaison with other performing arts organizations. Learn more about our Steering Committee roles and responsibilities here.

Acting, Singing & Dancing

Open auditions are held for all productions and new faces are always welcome! Rehearsals are announced on our website’s News & Events page and by email (sign up to receive emails from TQ at the bottom of this page). We welcome new actors as well as those with previous experience.


Previous experience is preferred to Direct one of our main productions, however, if there is a play you are excited to Direct, your proposal is always welcome. If you’re interested in directing a play, but lack experience, shadowing a Director is a great way to start!


Producing is a rewarding position for those with strong organizational skills. The Producer assists the Director with putting together the production team, organizing auditions, and overseeing the budget. If you’re interested in Producing a play, but lack experience, shadowing a Producer is a great way to start!

Stage Managing

The Stage Manager attends rehearsals to record prompts, blocking, and notes from the director and crew. During dress rehearsals and performances, the Stage Manager is in charge, calling the cues for the show. Being an Assistant Stage Manager is a great way to gain experience!

Program Coordinator

The Program Coordinator oversees the creation of our printed programs for shows. Selling advertising space is a key component of this role! The Program Coordinator gathers all text and photos for the program and coordinates printing. This position works in tandem with the show’s Producer and the Communications Strategist/Graphic Designer.

Lighting & Sound Crew

Learn to light a production, create sound effects, and run the control boards during shows.

Set Design

We need a variety of skill sets for Set Design! Construction and engineering are required to build set pieces and painters are needed to bring them to life. We also need creative people who can help to source and create props, furniture, and furnishings to set the stage.


Our productions require the help of sewers and crafty individuals who can help with creating costumes and accessories for our actors. This can include thrifting, purchasing fabric, tailoring clothing to fit, as well as the creation of custom period pieces and costumes!

Makeup & Hair Styling

Assist the actors with their stage make-up and hair for dress rehearsals and on show night. 

Stage Crew

The Backstage Crew helps with set changes for scenes and assist actors during performances.

Front of House

The Front of House team helps to staff the reception table where tickets are collected/sold, and hand out programs.

Concession Staff & Bakers

Concession Staff provide food and drink to our audience on show night. We’re always looking for bakers to provide tasty treats for the concession. If you love to bake, we would love to hear from you!

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